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All-natural Phosphate Replacer

Made from yeast and citrus extracts, PHR lets you clean up your label by eliminating the use of phosphates in your meat products. PHR is a unique phosphate alternative for ALL meat and poultry applications.

Key highlights

Increased yield

Improved juiciness and tenderness

Improved sliceability and texture

Faster brine pick-up & Purge reduction

Highlight the savory flavor

Clear and honest labeling

Eliminates soluble phosphorus from the discharge water

High Return on Investment

Great performance in low-sodium products

All-natural, allergen-free, Non-GMO

How does PHR work?

Thanks to its powerful (and natural) yeast and citrus extracts, PHR reverses the rigor mortis process by opening up and relaxing the myofibrillar proteins. In other words, PHR boosts the water retention of your meat in a natural way. As an added benefit, PHR improves the savory flavor of meat and poultry.


  • Direct addition in fresh ground meats like sausages, burger patties, and meatballs.
  • Easy addition to all brines for injection without clogging injection needles.
  • Brines for tumbling of cooked products like ham, chicken, and roast beef.
  • Seasoning blends – PHR is nonhygroscopic and mixes perfectly with seasoning.

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