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Pokel Vegan

Pokel Vegan

Looks, smells and tastes like meat, but isn’t meat!

Pokel Vegan is a ready-to-use structured plant-based blend to create tasty meat alternatives.

We created Pokel Vegan as versatile meat alternative with meat-like mouthfeel and a simplified label without unpronounceable additives.

Pokel Vegan gives a complete protein structure that mimics the bite and juiciness of meat for vegan applications.

Pokel Vegan is a ready-to-use blend that is produced through a simple but innovative process that results in a product that creates a protein structure base with a unique meaty texture, juiciness, fat level and elastic bite. Various protein sources (pea, soy …) and vegetable oils can be used as source material.

Pokel Vegan gives you versatility, meaty texture and juiciness of meat. It is the tool to start playing around and create a wide range of meat substitutes for products like hamburgers, kebab, pulled pork, nuggets, fillings for sausage rolls or other snacks.

Contact us for application specific information.

Key highlights

100% plant-based
Unique meaty texture,
juiciness, fat level & elastic bite
Simple production process,
easy-to-use, simple label
No methylcellulose
No artificial additives & colorants
Rich in protein and fiber
Versatile & customizable
to specific taste and preference


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