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True “Uncured” Labeled Meats

With T-10, replacing chemicals in cured meats to achieve an all-natural product with “uncured” labeling is easy. T-10 gives your meat the sparkling clean label consumers demand!

Key highlights

No celery powder
Pathogen safety
Better shelf life
Easy to use
Clean label
Excellent flavor and smell

How does T-10 work?

T-10 is a Mediterranean blend that completely eliminates the use of chemical antioxidants and preservatives when processing uncured meats. It organically stabilizes and maintains the natural color of meat as well. T-10 is for processors that want to produce natural “uncured” meats with the most honesty and transparency to consumers. T-10 makes a healthier product and label. It can be used in seasoning blends, injections, brines, emulsions, and even dried meat products.


“natural flavors” plus the carrier (sea salt or dried vinegar).

Typical usage rate

1.0% of the total formula.


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