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Extend the shelf life of fresh meat and poultry

Consumers want fresh meat and poultry that looks, tastes, and smells fresh. T-2 is the most advanced blend of fruit and spice extracts in the world to give brands and processors the freshest meat and poultry possible.

Key highlights

Longer shelf life
Reduces spoilage micros
Improved color stability
Low usage rate
Low cost-in-use
Clean label

How does T-2 work?

Prosur’s proprietary blend of fruit and spice extracts are loaded with nature’s polyphenol and flavonoid antioxidants which are effective to retain fresh color, flavor, and smell. The T-2 ingredient line from Prosur extends shelf life which means brands and processors have more shelf time with their meat and poultry while consumers are delighted with an all natural and fresh product.


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