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Vica 10


Food in food

VICA 10 is an apple cider vinegar that is flavoured with carob fruit concentrate.
With VICA 10 you protect food with food.
Food in food

VICA-10 is an apple cider vinegar that is rounded with carob juice. With VICA-10 you protect food with food without compromising the flavor profile of your products.

VICA-10 is a foodstuff with preservative capacities. It is a natural source of acetic acid that can be used to protect foods against food-borne pathogens and spoilage bacteria by acting directly on their cell membranes, avoiding their prolifiration.

By using local and traditional crops, VICA-10 fits perfectly in the Farm to Fork strategy to transform the food chain in a way that is fair and healthy for both people and planet, highlighting consumers’ increasing demand for less processed products that are produced in a sustainable way.

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Key highlights

Ingredient Mix that extends shelf-life naturally:
  • Protects against microbial deterioration
  • Retains color
  • Avoids browning
  • Avoids formation of gases in the packaging
  • Avoids syneresis in the packaging
No chemical buffers or aditives are used
GMO-free, Allergen-free
Organic certification possible
Harmonious organoleptic profile
Does not change the natural properties of meat
Consumer-friendly labelling


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